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A new and growing community dedicated to the archiving and posting of RK Fan Fiction
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This is a new and (hopefully) growing community dedicated to the archiving and posting of RK Fan Fiction. All pairings, genre, and ratings are accepted and crossovers are highly enjoyed. Join when ever you would like. This community is open to all ages.

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1. Keep the Fan Fiction RK related.....I shouldn't need to say this, however I know that someone is going to break the rule if I don't.

2. No introductive posts. If you must introduce yourself, do so under an LJ cut with some other content or fan fiction. I would recommend you post the introduction at the end of your first fic posted.

3. No 'Real World' drama. We all have our own opinions about current events; however this is a community for fan fiction, not a discussion class. Current events and views can be expressed through fan fiction.

4. No flaming.

4a. If you happen to disagree with what the author of the fiction you are reading, wither it be character actions, character pairings, or anything of the like, then don't read/comment the fiction. On the other side, authors may not post anything that would provoke someone into flaming outside of story format. (racism....etc.)However, these views may be used in the fiction to give it realism, help the reader understand, or any other civil means of writing your story.

4b. In regards to flaming. Please remember that Yaoi, Yuri, and het are all accepted. If you don't like the content and/or genre of the fan fiction then, please, don't read the rest of it! Graphic violence and/or sex (Yaoi, Yuri, straight, etc) will come up more often then not in this community. If you a minor we take no responsibility in the results or punishments you might obtain in reading the fan fiction posted here.

4c. There is a difference between giving out helpful hints in writing or grammar and outright flaming. Make sure you know where the line is, and if you (as an Author) happen to get a 'true' flame then you may contact the mod. However if you complain because a user pointed out a few words that you had misspelled, and they did it in a perfectly civil manner, the mod will most likely brush off the complaint and give you a warning.

5. Give fics a G to NC-17 rating. Keep the visible posts G rated and give warnings of the content you story has. Keep any profanity, violence, smut, sex, etc. under LJ cuts.

6. No cyber-speech. Comments such as lol, lmao, woot, and other common cyber-slang can be used outside of story format and in the comment boxes, however don't over do it, and keep it out of your fan fiction.

7. Place stories under LJ cuts. To put anything under an LJ cut type: [lj-cut text="insert description"] blah blah [/lj-cut] and replace the [ ] with < >.

8. Last but not least, be civil and listen to the mod(s).

Failing to comply with the rules will result in the deleting of the post in question, and if it continues you will be asked to leave the community.

There are only 8 rules so please obey them. ^.^ The mod will add rules as a problem comes up, however she hopes that there will be no more need for anymore.

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Characters: (optional)
Pairing: (if any)

While Characters and Pairings are optional, they help with putting on the right tags and it would be greatly appreciated if you would do so.
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